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CDC Updates Import Requirements for Dogs
Published on: 11/21/2021
The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced an update to its current emergency rule that generally prohibits the importation of dogs into the U.S. from countries that are considered high-risk for rabies.


Ask Your Congressional Representative to Support HR 5261 – Warning Labels for Xylitol
Published on: 11/21/2021
HR 5261, called the “Paws Off Act”, amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem foods containing xylitol as misbranded unless the label or labeling of such foods contains a warning specifying the toxic effects of xylitol on dogs if ingested. Xylitol (or “birch sugar”) is a chemical compound most commonly used as a sugar substitute in chewing gum, dental products, peanut butter, baked goods, and other human food.

Xylitol is harmful to dogs because, unlike humans, it is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream and may result in a sudden release of insulin from the pancreas. The rapid release of insulin into a dog’s bloodstream may cause hypoglycemia. In dogs, this may occur within 10 – 60 minutes of ingestion of xylitol and if untreated, can quickly be life-threatening.
State Supreme Court Rules PAUSE Ballot Initiative Cannot Move Forward
Published on: 6/22/2021
Today, the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a ballot initiative seeking to expand the state’s cruelty laws cannot proceed.

As such, supporters may no longer collect signatures. They would need to draft a new proposal and resubmit it for consideration and hearings again by the state Title Board. It is very unlikely that this will occur in time for the 2022 ballot.
CDC To Suspend Importation of Dogs from Countries Classified as High Risk for Rabies
Published on: 6/16/2021
The United Stated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the temporary suspension of the importation of dogs from countries classified as high risk for canine rabies.
Colorado Ballot Initiative 16 - Pause Act
Published on: 4/14/2021
The initiative informally titled "Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation" (PAUSE) is a ballot initiative filed with the state of Colorado for the November 2022 midterm election. If the initiative receives enough signatures (124,600 registered Colorado voters), it will be added to the ballot for a vote.

While we all want to protect animals from suffering and exploitation,
this ballot initiative contains legislative language that will create problems for dog breeders, farmers, and ranchers in our state. It is important that we educate ourselves about this initiative and do what we can to stop it before it goes to ballot.

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