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Do not sign the PAUSE Act Petition

AKC  | Published on 6/16/2021

June 15, 2021

Please forward to dog owners and breeders in Colorado.

Volunteers are currently circulating petitions throughout Colorado to put a measure on the November 2022 ballot that is claimed to protect animals, but portions of the proposal would result in significant harmful consequences for dogs, dog owners, breeders, and other animals and livestock.  

The proposal – known as Initiative 16, or the Preventing Animals from Unnecessary Cruelty and Exploitation (PAUSE) Act – claims to address issues such as animal cruelty and bestiality – which of course sounds like something everyone should support.  However, this proposal goes much further and makes a number of changes to law, including banning certain standard, safe, and humane animal husbandry practices.  We encourage you to read AKC’s previous alert, which further explains the problems with portions of this proposal.  

What You Can Do:

Supporters have until October 18 to collect enough signatures to put this initiative on the Colorado statewide November 2022 ballot.  We are asking responsible animal owners in Colorado to do the following:

1) If you are approached, do not sign the petition.

2) Ask your friends and colleagues to not sign the petition.  Consider also reminding exhibitors at Colorado dog shows, students in training and CGC classes, owners who have purchased a dog from you, etc. to not sign the petition.

3) If you notice a business distributing petitions and collecting signatures, respectfully express your concerns and ask them to not collect signatures for this ballot measure. 

Also contact the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs at, who are also reaching out to educate businesses on why they should not be collecting signatures.

AKC Government Relations and the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs are closely monitoring this proposal and will provide further updates and necessary action items as needed.

For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at or CFDC at

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